Rural Property For Sale Croatia

  • Over 200 year old solid wooden house

    Zagreb, Zagrebacka zupanija 10040, Croatia


    This traditional wooden house was built in 1800. It is located on top of a beautiful and quiet hill with an incredible view of...

    • Lot Size3000 m²
  • Sold
    Solid Wood Rustic Country Home

    Čakovec, Varazdinska zupanija, Međimurje 40000, Croatia


    This lovely, picture postcard, 19th century rustic solid oak wood property is set in rolling countryside in Northern Croatia. Close to the town of...

    • Lot Size11000 m²
  • Sold
    Secluded Country Villa

    Breznica, Varazdinska zupanija 42225, Croatia


    Wonderful, unfinished country villa located 45 km from the center of Zagreb or 35 from Varaždin in a secluded area separated from Breznica Hum...

    • Lot Size20000 m2 m²
  • Sold
    Ranch with hazelnut plantation

    , Zagrebacka zupanija 10415, Croatia


    Estate – ranch near Velika Gorica – Novo Čiče (near the lake), size three hectares. Until recently, horses and other animals were on the...

    • Lot Size22000 m2 m²
  • For Sale
    Pink Horse Ranch

    Vrbovec, Zagrebacka zupanija 10340, Croatia


    Lovely, working horse ranch and riding school with 25,000 m2 of agricultural land, all of which is fenced. Distance from Zagreb 40 km, and...

    • Lot Size25000 m2 m²
  • Sold
    Village House, close to a river

    Ivanic Grad, Zagrebacka zupanija 10312, Croatia


    A family property for sale in Donja Obreska, in a quiet place surrounded by nature. The house consists of a ground floor of approximately...

    • Lot Size5024 m²
  • Sold
    Family home in Samobor

    Lug Samoborski, 10430, Croatia


    Large family home of 280 m2, near to Samoborski Lug, 5 minutes North from the centre of Samobor. Easy to reach the Croatian/Slovenian border...

    • 280
    • Lot Size445 m²
  • For Sale
    Large house with lots of potential

    Prnjarovac, 43240, Croatia


    Large family home located in a small village. Spread over three floors, the house has an established garden and large plot of arable land...

    • Lot Size17000 m²
  • For Sale
    Traditional restaurant + home + vineyard

    Dragoslavec Breg, Gornji Mihaljevec 40306


    Rustic style home with a nice cosy restaurant for 50 people and regularly maintained and kept vineyard. The house was built 1991-2006 = 280...

    • 280
    • Lot Size60000 m²
  • For Sale
    Quiet rural rustic farm

    Čeminac, Osijek-Baranja 31325, Croatia


    Built in 1920 and last updated in 2008 this is a stunning rustic farm/ranch in the village of Čeminac. Comprising a Pannonian house, with...

    • Lot Size17800 m²
  • For Sale
    Horse ranch
    Orešje horse ranch with guest apartments

    Orešje, Sveta Nedelja 10434, Croatia


    This horse ranch comprises of a house with three separate guest apartments. There is also a modern stable complex suitable for horses with 12...

    • Lot Size10500 m²
  • For Sale
    House in village Breza

    Bjelovar, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska 43000, Croatia


    A house with outbuildings and agricultural land in the village of Breza (10 km from the town of Bjelovar)is for sale. It is a...

    • Bed2
    • Baths1
    • 163
    • Lot Size25775 m²
  • New Addition
    Donja Stubica
    Beatutiful property in Donja Stubica

    Donja Stubica, Krapinsko-zagorska 49240, Croatia


    Beautiful country house with a a large plot in Donja Stubica is for sale. The property is only a few hundred meters away from...

    • Bed3
    • Baths3
    • 180
    • Lot Size16000 m²
  • For Sale
    Čazma, Milaševac
    House in Milaševac, near town Čazma

    Čazma, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska 43240, Croatia


    A house in the village of Milaševac near town of Čazma, perfect for agriculture, animal husbandry and living a peaceful life. Property is 50...

    • Bed4
    • Baths1
    • 126
    • Lot Size34000 m²
    Large family home

    Daruvar, Bjelovarsko bilogorska zupanija 43500, Croatia


    Only 1.5 km from the town center, in a quiet location and surrounded by nature. The house was built in 1985. It is fully...

    • Bed4
    • Baths1
    • 130
    • Lot Size1072 m²
  • Sold
    Perjasica (Wooden house for renovation!)

    Karlovac, Barilovci, Karlovacka zupanija 47000, Croatia


    The farm house is 9×5 m. The stone basement and on top of it is wooden house with 2 rooms. There is a hay...

    • Bed2
    • Lot Size104484 m²
    Kutina (2 Houses)

    Kutina, Sisacko-moslavacka 44320, Croatia


     Property, 2 km from the town of Kutina. The house is consists of a fully equipped and furnished living space on the ground floor,...

    • Bed5
    • Baths3
    • 318
    • Lot Size33500 m²
  • Sold

    Daruvar, Bjelovarsko bilogorska zupanija 43500, Croatia


    The house with garage and basement space.900 meters from the city center, 400 meters from the new elementary school, a quiet and attractive location....

    • Bed3
    • Baths2
    • 120
    • Lot Size1720 m²
  • For Sale
    Vinica , Castle

    Varazdin, Varazdinska zupanija 42000, Croatia


    Northwest of Varazdin (15 km) along the main road Varazdin – Maribor, just 9 km from the border with Slovenia there is an impressive...

    • Bed15
    • 2000
    • Lot Size50000 m²
  • New Addition
    Ul. Zeleni brijeg 54, 43500, Vrbovac

    Daruvar, Vrbovac, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska 43500, Croatia


    The spacious house is partly furnished and partly unfinished! SUITABLE FOR MOTEL, nursing home, apartments… The house is built well and very thoroughly, aluminum...

    • Bed10
    • Baths5
    • 400
    • Lot Size12000 m²
    Dubrava Vrbovska (2 Houses)

    Vrbovec, Dubrava, Zagrebacka zupanija 10342, Croatia


    For sale is a house near the village of Dubrava . The house is nearby  the highway entrance Cugovec ( 6 kilometers ) and...

    • Bed4
    • Baths2
    • 260
    • Lot Size15000 m²
  • Sold

    Samobor, Zagrebacka zupanija 10430, Croatia


     House with commercial space of 100 m2, (has industrial electricity, toilet ….) ideal for catering and tourism. It has a large orchard, park and...

    • Bed3
    • Baths2
    • 400
    • Lot Size3500 m²
  • New Addition

    Sisak, Sisacko-moslavacka 44000, Croatia


     Beautiful farm/family house and yard with outbuildings, 14000 m2 of arable land, which is located next to the house,  PLUS 9000 m2 of forest...

    • Bed3
    • Baths1
    • 120
    • Lot Size14000 m²
  • New Addition
    Popovic Brdo, Karlovac

    Karlovac, Karlovacka zupanija 47000, Croatia


    On the plot of 5700 m2 (all the plot). lies house (approx. 600 m2, under the roof) interesting shape and attractive appearance, built 80.s...

    • Bed8
    • 370
    • Lot Size5700 m²
  • For Sale

    Daruvar, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska 43500, Croatia


    Castle! A luxurious, distinctive … THE PLOT 15.400 M2. The castle was built in 1989, is the proper ownership without the burden, is marked...

    • Bed4
    • Baths2
    • 400
    • Lot Size15400 m²
  • For Sale

    Karlovac, Karlovacka zupanija 47000, Croatia


    Reason for selling is moving abroad, doctor's owner. 100% safe from flood, altitude higher cca.20-25 meters of water 53.000metra ranch land in one piece,...

    • Bed6
    • 300
    • Lot Size53000 m²
  • For Sale New Addition
    Zagreb Ribnica

    Zagreb, 10410, Croatia


    Detached house with large garden, quiet environment, a paved road. In excellent condition, with good layout . Rooms can be changed. On each floor...

    • Bed3
    • Baths2
    • 150
    • Lot Size1500 m²
  • For Sale
    Picturesque house with guest cottage

    Koprivnica, Koprivnica 48350, Croatia


    Picturesque house with guest cottage set in mature gardens. The plot is 22000 m2 on a hill, on the edge of the Bilogore forest...

    • Bed4
    • Baths3
    • 350
    • Lot Size22000 m²
  • For Sale
    Spectacular Castle

    Donji Daruvar, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska 43500, Croatia


    Castle Dioš – Mary’s Court, in Končanica Daruvar. The property consists of forest, which extends to 78,000 m2, plot 35000 m2 with a living...

    • 7000
    • Lot Size114172 m²