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Horses in Croatia

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Horse riding and horse breeding have a long tradition in Croatia with indigenous breeds such as the Medimurje, Posavina, Lipizzaner, Hladnokrvnjak, and the Croatian Coldblood Horse. The latter is the most common. Many of these horses have been domesticated over hundreds of years and have proved useful on the farm as well as for recreation. The trend of capital investments is increasing in horse breeding, as one of the major livestock branches in Croatia. A long tradition of horse breeding and natural resources eligible for horse breeding have turned Croatia into a horse lovers paradise. Government financial subventions are also helping horse breeding development.

Certainly the most elegant breed is found on the famed Lipizzaner stud farm in Dakovo, Slavonia. Founded in 1506, it is one of the oldest horse farms in Europe. Central Croatia and Slavonia remain a popular spot for horse riding! Maybe you would like to trek through the mountains or gallop trough out endless fields on horseback,  or just wash down finger-licking good grub with a swig of homemade rakija, and crash in a hay barn. Whatever your riding style, you can find it in Croatia. Well help you find a horse ranch of your own.

Hrvatski hladnokrvnjak Croatian Horse