The farm house is 9×5 m. The stone basement and on top of it is wooden house with 2 rooms.
There is a hay barn –  11 x 5 m. The barn – built with stone . Has electrical connection.Water
tank of 10 m3.
Next to the house is land of 22,551 m2 of land, 80 meters further  is another 18,645 m2 of land , and 120 m further is 6791 m2.
Part of the land is close to the road with easy access. 90% of the land has been processed (meadows, arable land).
Of the total area (106,455 m2) forest has 23,863 m2. All possible to process  with machinery.
Away from the river  Korana, about 3 km. Nature is  beautiful, and the views just divine.